Iochpe-Maxion and its subsidiaries (“Maxion”) wish and hope that all their employees and third parties who are aware about Maxion activities and business conduction practices, manifest themselves promptly and in compliance with the procedures described herein, regarding any improper or questionable situation related to accounting, control or audit aspects, such as:

  • Intended fraud or error in the preparation, evaluation, review or audit of any financial statement;
  • Intended fraud or error in the note, recording, filing or maintenance of financial data;
  • Deficiency or no conformity in the controls or accounting procedures;
  • Rendering of false or untruthful information to or by any employee, related to the financial data, financial statements or audit reports;
  • Deviations from the complete and correct financial condition presentation.

The system enables the remittance of manifestations to the Audit Committee (“Committee”) in an anonymous and confidential manner, with no collection or filing of the IP numbers of the machines from which the manifestations have been sent. Maxion wishes that whenever possible the system is used for the remittance of manifestations, without discarding the possibility of sending them in a confidential and anonymous manner through mail, addressed to the Committee in the following address:


Audit Committee

Board of Directors

Iochpe-Maxion S.A.

Rua Luigi Galvani, 146 / 13º Andar

04575-020, São Paulo / SP

The system and the Committee should not be accessed for the remittance of information different from the ones aforementioned.

It is expected that employees or third parties, when sending manifestations, supply all the possible information and evidences available, which make easier the analysis and start of an investigation. Such information and evidences may also be sent in an anonymous and confidential manner through the system or mail addressed to the Committee.

Non specific manifestations, with no information or evidences, will not be enough to determine the start of an investigation.


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For now and on, Greenbrier Maxion has a new channel to contact: EthicsPoint.
You will be able to send your manifestations by site or by phone.



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