Environmental Projects

Environmental Projects are very important for Greenbrier Maxion. You may know our important projects bellow.

Riparian Vegetation Reforestation

One of the actions is the Riparian Vegetation reforestation, in the town of Cruzeiro, where AmstedMaxion operates. The planting of approximately 8 thousand native tree seedlings (pioneers, secondary and climax), aiming to enrich and densify the riparian vegetation within its area.

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Thermal Calcination

Thermal calcination of foundry sand is a “recycling” process that aims to recover residues via processes for buffering, magnetic separation and controlled heating, and such processes “clean” the residue and leave it in proper use conditions.

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Greenhouse Gases Management

In addition to the environmental programs, the companies have been performing, for the last four years, the Greenhouse Gases Management, inventorying GEE’s annual emissions.

Native Seedling Nursery

Implanted a native tree seedling nursery in AmstedMaxion, aiming to produce native species to maintain the program for riparian vegetation recovery of the Paraíba do Sul River. The idea is also to use this space as a tool for actions in the educational field, contributing for environmental awareness of the people who interact with it.

Donation of recycled material

All plastic material sorted by selective collection at Greenbrier Maxion, approximately six tons per month, is donated to a Cooperative that recycles 3,000 tons of residues every year, generating work and income for 40 families.

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