Greenbrier Maxion Quality Policy

Greenbrier Maxion is committed to designing and providing products, components and services in a safe manner, meeting all customer required standards and expectations through the continuous improvement of our quality system. We build our products with:

  • Safety;
  • Quality;
  • On-time delivery;
  • Planned costs;
  • Inventory Control;

Integrated Policy – date: 03/08/2017- review 03

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AmstedMaxion Quality Policy

AmstedMaxion is committed to manufacturing their railway and industrial cast products, having as principles:

  • Observance to current legislation and the Customer’s requirements;
  • Continuous improvement of their products, processes and services in regard to Quality, Labor Safety and Environment;
  • Manufacturing of castings based on recycled steel;
  • Health Prevention and Preservation and Environmental protection;
  • Commitment by their employees, contractors, suppliers and customers.

Senior management defines, via management system indicators, objectives and improvement targets, developing the respective plans to achieve them.

Integrated Policy: date: 6/14/2017- review 02

View here the certifications achieved by Greenbrier Maxion

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