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Originated from AmstedMaxion, established on October 22nd, 1943, Greenbrier Maxion is formed by a joint venture among Brazilian Iochpe-Maxion and North-Americans Amsted Rail and Greenbrier. Located in Hortolândia-SP, it develops and manufactures railway freight cars and bogies, also reforming, adjusting and modernizing freight cars and their components. It has an accessible and efficient production capacity, with expertise in freight car design, services and leasing.
Through AmstedMaxion, a foundry located in Cruzeiro-SP, it is the top reference in Latin America in developing and manufacturing steel wheels, railway castings for bogies and draft gears, parts for machinery and equipment for the civil construction, mining and sugar-ethanol sectors. The Greenbier Maxion brand, combined with Greenbier’s expertise and technology in freight car design, services and leasing, and Amsted Rail’s expertise in components, becomes the complete and integrated solution for the railway segment in South America, with global penetration and operations.


We develop and employ our knowledge by proposing innovative, complete and integrated solutions that, throughout their cycle, are capable of:

  • Stimulating our teams.
  • Creating success for our customers.
  • Respecting the environment and the community.
  • Ensuring business sustainability


Being the first choice for the railway, foundry and services markets.



Commitment with ethics

Creative development

Respect for people

Safety Commitment.

Social Sustainability

Greenbrier Maxion

OUR UNIVERSE IS DRIVEN BY THE RAILWAY. Through the union of the companies,AmstedMaxion, Amsted Rail and Greenbrier, Greenbrier Maxion develops freight cars to carry...

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Industrial Plants

AmstedMaxion’s first unit, inaugurated in the 1940s, was the National Freight Car Factory (FNV). It becomes the pioneer industry in the railway transport sector in Brazil. It is installed in a total area of 200 thousand square meters, of which 40 thousand are constructed area.

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Our commitment with the continuous improvement of product and process quality, offering the best to the railway market, resulted in some important achievements.

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Greenbrier Maxion is committed to designing and providing products, components and services in a safe manner, meeting all customer required standards and expectations through the continuous improvement of our quality system.

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Technology and Innovation

Greenbrier Maxion bases all their processes on the top state-of-the-art technology in their segments, with own resources and also technology transfer and expertise exchange with renowned companies.
Investments in technological resources and in technical training make our team one of the most renowned worldwide, ensuring credibility and quality in their products and services.

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The trajectory of Greenbrier Maxion begins with the other companies that would originate GBMX in the future. To know the main points of this walk, navigate our time line.

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Here you will find some GBMX communication materials for download.

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Papertoy AMAX Top – Children’s Version

Papertoy Tank Car – TCS – Children’s Version

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